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Tirolia  GmbH
Tiroliaweg 1
D-54597 Seiwerath
Tel.: (0 65 53) 27 34
Fax: (0 65 53) 20 90

How to get your Dreamhouse

The large overall success of TIROLIA-BLOCKHAUS stems from the experience of over 29 years. Using the best construction and work methods, designing and building Log homes.

Our partner companies use not only the most modern wood processing methods, but also exclusively use the highest quality wood. This is why our walls are kiln-dried, heart split or heart free with double or triple tongue and groove joining system.

Our company’s craftsmanship is most important, our solid wood homes are prime examples, and display superior craftsmanship in every detail.

Individual Planning!

No “Typical Houses”. For us the person remains an individual, his house will blend harmoniously with the surroundings, climate and landscape.
Planning Consultants: TIROLIA plans up to date: proven construction methods, traditional Alpine style homes. Knowledge and experience with ecological and biological concerns, TIROLIA knows how the human feels most comfortable. An up to date mixture of current living philosophy and the traditional Alpine lifestyle.

We can do more than plan solid wood homes. We also offer interior construction and design.

Delivery world wide!
Interior design for Businesses, Hotels, Golf courses etc.,
Also inside conventional buildings

Log Homes

Log Homes                              
Log Homes New Style

Log Homes New Style
Oeko-Logo Houses
Timber Framed Homes
Interior Design

Interior Design


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